Simple Finance Tracker for Notion

Brewed Over Ice by @sorenrae

This is my personal finance tracker that I have used every single day for the past year! This simple, aesthetic, straightforward template will allow you to easily input and track your finances. This template provides the framework to track your monthly expenses while calculating your total balances.

With this system you can:

  • Track and stay on top of your financial goals with quick visual cues.
  • Set your yearly and monthly financial goals for ongoing motivation.
  • Capture monthly expenses through your checking and credit card accounts.
  • Input budget limits for your fixed and variable expenses to track when you overspend.
  • View rolled-up income, expenditure, and balance report in the Total Balance database.
  • Keep a historic record of everything, for each financial year, and easily reset the dashboard to start a new one. 

To use it:

  • All you need to use it is a Notion account (free for life)!
  • A set-up guide and accompanying suggestions are included in the Notion template.
  • As always, you can email me with any questions!
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Start your budget journey today with this aesthetically simple finance tracker!


Simple Finance Tracker for Notion

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